It was undoubtedly the best training I’ve ever had, Not only did I learn about the software and tools of the trade, but also to have a great attitude! The insight that I have gained just by observation had a great effect on my traditional artistic skills!”

Amith Alottam Games Artist
Codemasters Studios, Malaysia


Learning from Dr.Ezhil has been more a journey into the world of art and animation, than a formal training class. The focus on working professionally, efficiently and most important creatively is instilled from the first day.I wish the industry had more such people to bring up the quality of available talent to the next level

Rajiv Chandrabhanu Principle Graphic Designer
Oracle University, Bangaluru


It's lucky to have world class instructor to guide us. We are learning not only the tools which are used internationally but also a standard and work flow that would apply globally.

Vetha Viyaz Kumar


In my opinion, this is more than just a Animation academy, and Dr.Ezhil is a lot more than just animation trainer. He is the best guide for today's Ambitious youngster!

Lionel David J


Iam a fine arts student. Initially I did not have much interest towards Computer Graphics. Now iam performing well in the area of animation after a great deal of inspiration that sets in after learning from Dr Ezhil

Nithya jeevan M


I am quite aware of the level of teaching in many Other institutes, they do not explore the depths in maya as a Dr.Ezhil does. In comparison this is much affordable as well. Now iam working hard for my portfolio which is shaping up really well.



Iam a BFA student. Iam coming from kumbakonam. Dr.ezhil is a best teacher who even cares for under performing students and gives special attention to overcome the barriers. He inspires all his students with the wealth of his experience and artistic skills!

Rajesh KUmar